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  • PvPKinga

    I don't want to turn this into a flame war or anything like that. Just giving people that don't know yet a heads up that this person that goes by a variety of different names is killing off rifts again so that way people can't get their talisman chests. Now then I'd also like to respectfully state, no one can make them stop doing this. None of us is it's mom lol. Only thing any of us can do is just raid, plunder, etc Kinga back any where we can in game. So please keep all this in mind when sending cross server messages to people on the same server cluster that this idiot moron plays on. Btw, I've also seen the account on few different fb group pages selling and trading the account. So no telling who the h3ll even runs it anymore. Good luck and best wishes. Hopefully the jerk will just go else where.
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    ****, not this guy again. This is a name change, not sure if different account. He used to be R4VEN, then it was Bee3la and now it is PVPKinga. And that is just what I know about, who knows how many other changes. And really I don't think it is a different account, possible but he has done the same thing on all 3 names, taking maps right before rift changes. Now I know there is no game rule that says you have to be stripped, just an agreement made by the players to help people get chests and stones. But to attack someone intentionally right before the map changes to a rift so the person stripped don't have time to take it back is just plain wrong. He is just out to cause trouble.


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      Yup, same account.. Just too much time on their hands, too much money, and no values or morals. Some one that just wants to be an arse . They've even admitted to doing it on purpose cause they can last time they pulled this ****.
      ~~~CutiePatooty S658 Cmon down and join the party~~~


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        like i said many times r2 and the devs know all about selling and gifting accounts which in fact is against the TOS (laughable) but again r2 and devs let them do it and they do it even more and more

        all u can do is send a ticket but we all know support r2 and devs will sweep it under the carpet