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    Helo! Sience patch came with new system of relic's i didnt seen materials for ressonance system, not even 1 damn stone, is there a chance to see them in some events? Not good, atleast if it was given some in exchanges , items for relic i mean, can be puted in exchange in hot events, not in luck exchange to get 1 stone in 100 luck exchange clicks.
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    Resonance Crystals can be obtained in the Ancient Relics Recharge Bonus hot event. Would you like me to move your thread to Feedback?
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      I wouldn't really worry much about the resonance crystals at this point. Majority of the playerbase have yet to fully upgrade their primary relic with cast stones, much more a secondary relic (even with cashing). And it will be a while more for noncashers. Although adding up resonance crystals is a welcome addition on hot event exchanges, I don't think the added BR would be substantial (10% stat heritage at first level) as most players don't have their primary and secondary (or tertiary) relics fully maxed out atm - at least from what I understand.


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        Yes hun u can move thread or close it, problem solved, some ppl say that no need of stress cuz we dont have relic maxed yet, im at 3 full moons to finish it, means umm, until summer ends, maybe we will have some exchange for ressonance crystals someday also. thx for reply, have a good day.
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