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wartune installer

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  • wartune installer

    hi sir/madam

    i just like to suggest to have a installer of wartune sinse it is have many people playing it.. why don't you guys have a stand alone program to operate wartune, so we don't need to access the browser for wartune instead we just click and play like a solo program.. i hope you get what i mean thank you

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    That is a great idea! And it would run more smooth and no more crashes =D


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      - 1 , there is 2 ways you can play this game via the site and via your facebook. I like that i am able to play this game at work. A client game will just ruin that for me ....


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        there was a mini client option when wartune was first release by r2 but it wasn't working and r2 said they were working on it so they removed it so people will not ask about it until it was working but that was like 3 months ago they haven't given any new info about the mini client since then.


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          Pc side java client are handy lil tools, I used to use the RS one years ago, when I played RS..... and I started playing that back in the days of RS classic when there was only 3 servers and the adamant kite shield was the best shield in the they were the days of bluerose 13x, the games top smither and miner.....

          anyways, back to the suggestion, the issue with any installer is the persons PC and the way they run it, as people tend to overload their systems and cause them to bottle neck, so the idea that it would make the game run better, is only as true as the way the person maintains their rig....