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Guild Chamber Summoning of Tree

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  • Guild Chamber Summoning of Tree

    R2 - Really need to look at changing this to allow Asst Guild Masters to also summon tree. If a guild master misses the appointed time players are to gather in chamber for the tree, its very disruptive.

    And - if a Guild Master has selected Asst.... then trust should not be a issue, or they should be demoted... so there no reason to not allow a Asst Guild Master to also be able to summon.
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    its been written before but + 1


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      its an idea worth mentioning again


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        totally agree, as sometimes our g.m. can't be there at the same time every day and it sends us in chaos for when is time of toa today? very annoying....would be nice if g.m. could even set time for toa to come up and not have to be there if not online then if you don't want assistant to have.
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