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  • Golden Road Suggestion

    Since clothing shards are effectively cash only now adding some of the much older clothing sets (sets predating clothing set titles such as Royal Garments, Jester Garments, Griffin, Incan, Apollo's (though that's from an old old old hall of fame event so maybe not?) to name a few. There are several much older, non-title, less than S-rank sets that could be added/rotated in) to the chests in golden road might promote some players to actually use the event since they could fill in some very old gaps in their clothing while getting some clothing shards at the same time. I understand that this is still a cash only option to the clothing shard issue but I would still be curious to hear how other players feel about this. Thanks everyone.

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    I think it is a great idea, I am missing some of the above-mentioned pcs. as well.. It would be nice if they added clothing shards back to lucky exchange as well, but I'm not holding my breath.. Revamping some of the chests in Road To Glory would be a well deserved update for the loyal cashers out there for sure =)


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      Oops I meant Golden Road.. too many roads in this game lol


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        This is an excellent idea and we will pass along to devs. Hopefully they can implement it.