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    Originally posted by R2471526 View Post
    crit + increases chance to crit, not the damage, thats where determination comes in to give your crit damage, well extra damage
    You have given me tons of great information and seem extremely knowledgeable about the game. Would you please critique my stats and tell me what I should focus on? I just got into a good guild and will be upgrading my Def boost to level 3 after obtaining about another 400k of gold. I just got my first champ medallion too so that was a cool boost. I'm currently at level 43. I have my level 45 gear all set and enchanted pretty close to full.

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      your stats look pretty descent, as you level, work on getting better attack, crit and defence. Hp will come through gear and maybe 1 or 2 hp gems just for the extra hp


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        wow, nice archer! Mdef higher than pdef, I am impressed. Yes, in the end, HP will win out over all as you can only increase your defense so much, thats where HP comes into play. If you have enough hp, you can outlast anything and out dps it Obviously keep working on Patk, Crit and Defense, but try to up your HP where you can too. So many people ignore HP and they have really great characters. One of the top knights in my guild had every socket with pdef / mdef and was still dying before he realized he needed HP.

        On another note, do yourself a favor: Make that level 50 pve set!!!! Of course you want your level 55 set, but don't let that be your only set!!!! We have one archer in our server that is totally killing dungeons with their 50 pve set. they saved up gems so that they have both sets gemmed right out and they can do dungeons then switch suits and be ready for arena in a heartbeat Most of the time, she doesn't take off the pve set as she gets so much more rage and eventually is always able to cast higher level spells, but she has her 55 suit, just in case. But for the higher level MP's, get that PVE gear and I wont be sorry! You will be the most sought after archer for every dungeon
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          Thanks to you both. I have 24 socketed gems. Based on my stats would you change the socketing pattern and/or have an upgrading priority. Here is the breakdown.

          Patk - 4 level 4, 4 level 3
          Mdef - 8 level 3
          Hp - 1 level 4, 7 level 3
          Pdef - none but I have a couple level 3's in inventory. (i was getting owned by mage reign of fire so I got tired of it and converted some Pdef gems for Mdef)

          In regards to HP in this very detailed archer thread the guy says to stop at level 30 in the academy as the kyanite isn't worth the increasing cost. Do you guys agree with this? Here is my current stats for academy. Sorry if i'm being such a pest. I just want to make my guy as good as possible.

          BTW, don't laugh at me for having Matk. I was a noob and didn't have a clue what I was doing. lol
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            Patk, pdef, critical, determination and godess blessing


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              Dont trade ur points for a yellow astral.

              Save it till u can get a red one.

              In the meantime u might get what u want by luck =)


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                When in doubt reply to a 2 year old thread lol