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This is a joke....

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  • This is a joke....

    I'm getting tired of searching 30 dims per day for at least an eyeball and not finding a single one in weeks.......actually I only found one eyeball this year and it's not even a rare mine.......

    People just waste countless hours for a bunch of balens, like please raise the rate of finding an eyeball because this is ridiculous, it's an eyeball not the holy grail......

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    Its always hard to find the eye...i just go for the end tower nowadays for res crystals/will crystals.
    Its great when one is found but luck is luck.

    I can't get to mad if I dont find one.
    Funny how i DO get mad when I find one say on the 1st or 2nd dim of the night and I already have 3 experts open.
    Really hate deleting them but its a choice to make.
    Most of the time i just delete so I can keep running the end of basic dims.


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      This is a joke and especially bad when you find an eyeball and it is empty. When you find an eyeball, it should have a mine in it. Now if we was finding an eyeball in every dim, that would be a different story but we are not.
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        That's some terrible luck - I've gone several days without a mine, but I've also found 3 in a day, so it's really random, roughly 1 mine in 30 dims over the last several months. Eyeballs have mines approximately half the time, so they're a bit more common. If you haven't found a mine all year, that's pretty crazy.


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          When I did dimensions I just did basic ones and searched bottom left bottom right top right no eyeball delete and try again