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Rave Becoming Useless on Older Dead Servers

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  • Rave Becoming Useless on Older Dead Servers

    Rave is becoming useless and not worth it to our older server S2 and the hand-full of servers merged on it.

    The server is almost dead and people are leaving the game because of the time passing which is expected. But it is also leading to more people leaving because of the lack of people to play and compete in events like Rave that require a living server of active players to complete the requirements.

    Most of your bigger players are on these older servers and when there gone so is a big chunk of your income.

    Something needs to be done to rejuvenate and merge these older servers before they die all together.

    I fell that R2 does not take much stock in what is posted in these forums. But it would be nice to see if they take a look at this feedback to the problem before the older servers are nothing but complete ghost towns.
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    R2 pays attention to what's posted on the forum, however, merges are complicated and generally not a request that can be forwarded by us on the forum.

    Here's an article regarding server merge requests:

    If you think your server is one of those rare cases mentioned in the last paragraph, click Submit a ticket at the bottom of that page.
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      A lot of the people do not do Rave events anymore because of some changes to the menu (devotion bar wise). You might get lucky if there are those times where a 200 Rave event floats around; don't expect people to flock when it comes to Rave 250 or whatever bar they've raised this time as no one wants to be a daily game slave; especially to a game that isn't fun anymore (sorry, but I just read that some events are just whacked up that I feel for the people who do not do them anymore).

      Also, a lot of new servers were released and 30 days later are merged into the old servers; sometimes those servers that people had left from. This is something that R2 doesn't really understand as they only think of spendy players and events, not of the "referral" aspect.

      Yeah, I wouldn't like to get merged into a server I just left from... It's just inane.
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        Speaking of merger, R2's S40 and its cluster need a merge. We're dying in here.....