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PvP in the wilds bonus.

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  • PvP in the wilds bonus.

    PvP in the wilds bonus.

    I think R2 should give us krynite or daru, or some other form of helpful reward for winning against other players who you attack, or who attack you, while in the wilds. This would make so many more players active, and bring an even better sense of pvp and reward to the game. As is; no one really fights too much in the wilds on my server, but if there was some kind of reward system, then I think lots more would do it. Rewards should only be given to players who are within same player bracket.

    Example: Rewards given to players who defeat other players within 10 lvls starting from 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and so on. If a level 50 attacks a 49 and wins the 50 wont get anything because his level was over 49.

    If 29, 39, or 49 beats a higher level like 39 vs 49 and 39 wins, then 39 gets prize because he defeated the higher level, but if 49 wins no prize because his level was past the bracket.

    This would make the game so much more exciting, and bring in lots of new players, who are here for the PvP.

    Please take a serious look at this GM's.

    This will give cashers and non cashers alike a chance to have fun without being in bg, where level 40's don't have much fun. I will be out of the 40 bracket soon, but new players, I'm sure would appreciate it.

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    Can easily be exploited.


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      Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
      Can easily be exploited.
      agree. so i dont like this idea. and those 60/70s (depending on server) wouldnt have anyone to plunder anymore.


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        There has to be more going on in the wilds. Wandering monsters/creatures with better more varied rewards who can be hard to beat. Having two person wilds missions would be great where you get to use your troops perhaps. This would improve the game for me.


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          those who are being plundered and win should be given huge rewards. Just a thought


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            The Wild hunting, imo, is a feature designed purposely for no-life/serious/addictive gamers, who can spend their time playing game on wartune whole day compared to the balens spenders, who can't.

            The reason is because many of Wartune features are related to limitations of attempts in quests, campaigns or dungeons, cool down time is included too. That is to prevent players to finish playing their game too fast and end up whole day nothing else to play about. But still, very active players will be able to finish all of it pretty early if they time their timing good and they are able to gather friends to complete the quests together. Then the only thing left to play is in the wild.

            Making it the reward too heavy, and the non casher will get totally imbalance since it is understood some of them can play 20 hours a day, by then it will be very unfair to the balen spenders. Making too cheap, then no one would be interested to play it at all. I think the current setting on the Wild is just fine, but it is true too what the thread starter said too, it is still boring. My eyes are full of tears (feeling extra sleepy) when I just spent an hour in the Wild, I can't stand against the boredom of it.

            As I mentioned, Wild hunting is a way provided for the non casher to compete daru gaining with the balen spender for yourselves, of course, with the cost of taking your whole day's time (with tears in your eyes) and (iron determination, not to fall asleep after playing so many hours of boredom), in order to obtain a good gain on daru while the rich could just throw some balens and gain it pretty easily. That's my view about Wild in wartune atm.

            If new elements are about to add in this section, I believe that would be a lot of work to be done because upgrading Wild, means increasing traffic on the server (when all players rushing to play Wild after they finish all their quests that is), if they are confidence about their server performance and handle it this way that is of course.


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              I would just add random bosses to wild map, dropping blue/purple gear if in a treasure case, giving 20-30k daru if a mob