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why cant we selll pennant engrave stones

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    Originally posted by 2244565 View Post

    there are plenty of options to get them
    if you compare the time it takes to get ascension stones vs the engrave stones you understand it will be a big problem with lack of space...or?


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      they need to put back the ascension stones.... as they removed them to put in that bug once of life time event shop. but hey its R2 and they dun want us to get strong.. so they remove needfull stuff put back some in events with a drop rate of??? jack.. or only to get by cashing they are bumb farts


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        Maybe put in the shop we were supposed to get 5 years ago to let us make room...or are all of these "Bound" items by definition.

        If someone is so desperate to get rid of these, I'd LOVE a crack at being able to buy them when he sells them.