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  • Guild battle idea

    Everyone wants isignias and honors, and it will cut the guild jumping for it aswell. Instead of just top 16, why not top 40. Have top 20 battle it out, and 21 - 40 battle it out. Make it more fair for all guilds on the servers. Or have it in 10 brackets, so only top 10 battle each other 11 - 20 battle each other, 21 - 30 battle each other and 31 - 40 battle each other. That way there will be no boring GBs of no one turning up from the other side your ranks will let you fight only with your rank. Give little guilds some extra fun and give bigger guilds a better BG.

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    also if your defending a tower and and the enemy runs into tower range should auto attack not have them run right passed you cause whats the point of defending it then?? i dunno might sound kinda stupid but i not gona run all over the map chasing ppl thats lame


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      lol run all over the map chasing ppl... nicely pointed out


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        Originally posted by MerlinaBayfew View Post
        lol run all over the map chasing ppl... nicely pointed out
        ah but that is a tactic, make them chase you while you have others come take the tower
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          + 1 i like this idea, and i also like that idea of able to defend the ward. Hope this goes forward!


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            This idea should be taken directly to the original maker of the game, 7Roads.
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              This idea is a very good one but with just 1 problem

              thing is after a server is made a few months later there will only be a couple of guilds who are actually active

              sure people will say merge will solve that but it really doesn't cause in the end everyone wants to be in the top 3 or 4 guilds the smaller guilds either have inactive members or too lowbie members who can barely take a hit

              these low level guilds tend to die one day or another

              u see the more than 10 guilds are made in newer servers for the guild event not for being always on top

              the top guilds have powerful members as players and recruits players accordingly so most of the players switch to their guilds

              thats why u see a HUGE differences in guild battle rating from the top guild to the 5th strongest guild

              some even have 1000k + difference which is kinda huge so having top 20 guilds participate

              well all i can say it

              IT WILL BE A MASSACRE

              i would actually be bold enough to say that instead of top 16 guilds let there be only top 8 guilds but i hope it doesn't happen cause that means lesser rounds which will not be good cause the insignia and honor rate will drop like a stone

              other than that i really do like that idea

              i hope it happens for the sake of the new servers

              as condor said this should be taken to 7 roads
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