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fresh lvl 80 talisman system

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  • fresh lvl 80 talisman system

    ok so i'm just checking something here. i quit for about a year i come back to a bunch of new stuff all of it seeming fine except for talismans u get at lvl 80/it would seem that if you don't get an att talisman of your type you wiill be left in the dust by everyone that does.i just went from #2 on my server to still number 2 in br but i'm 100% useless because while yes i take very long to die due to my pdef mdef hp talisman i do next to no damage.while those that got an att one get to progress through the next layer of content but the rest of us are just screwd? i do not see how this system is fair or how it got past the playtest team.and before anyone says its a late game feature just wait till someone can help you.thats not the point people want to compete with their friends and actualy help with harder content. being carried through is not fun.the fact i can do 0 things to get new talismans because of pure bad luck is a terrible system they need to fix this.ok rant over.

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    you can get talisman's by doing vortex
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      Originally posted by dyrec.jhonson View Post
      actualy help with harder content
      The hardest content in this game is sylph expedition - the rest of the game is a joke in comparison.

      If you really think you're lacking in attack, dozens of other sources for it, all in abundance (at lower brs)...


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        It is a pretty poorly designed system. PVE stuff heavily favors attack over all other stats, so if you don't get an attack talisman to start, you may be unable to progress in vortex without someone much, much stronger to carry you through a rift fight. And the difficulty of rift fights goes way beyond ridiculous, to the point of complete impossibility if the player holding the spot doesn't strip down.

        They really need to at least fix how rifts work, and having a fixed set of talismans as starting gear would be a much better idea, but they could certainly improve things by making cheap talisman chests available in events regularly, which they could do immediately, rather than working through the fix process to change game mechanics.