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Clothes much better on females

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  • Clothes much better on females

    Why does clothes look so awful on male characters compared to female characters? Perhaps you could just remove the 'parts' from the female ones and make them male chars? then clothes would look good
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    I could probably take a stab at answering but I'm going to be seen as derogatory by a few on my real feelings about such.

    In short, it's FairyTune if you ask me.
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      lol I think its for the dirty old pervs who wanna seen nudity in game


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        can not really say they all look good on the female toons think a lot of the clothing they copied from some who walk the streets ( to say it nice way) my personal thoughts....... and people who play the game to look at female toons might wanna consider other kind of game's hihi it was and still is a wargame after all ....and for all who i have offend now hmmmmmm to bad have a great day
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