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  • Read The Announcements!!!!!

    Looks like they are going to nerf all of the cross server shops as of 8/9/2018. You can no longer get Essence of Zuess, Star, Moon, Sun Crystals, Essence stuff for artifacts etc. Nice going R2 and The Wartunes team! Way to alienate your players.

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    I do not understand why this is happening. They made the announcement like they made these rewards a special event. I never saw anything that said these rewards were here temporarily. R2 why are you constantly treating your customers so poorly? You put prizes in events that only the new players can use. Then you put these in and I honestly thought you were actually listening to your player wants and needs. Getting 2 to 3 suns a week surely is not going to break you since you charge outrageous prices for everything. You are taking all the prizes that are truly needed. You seem to have a very sneaky and very selfish attitude and I really and so turned of by this. I dont even know why I am speaking out for this since it will fall on deaf ears as usual. You truly suck.


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      this so called American independence day and mid year pvp honor event had no announcement for these so called events that they are now claiming will end just to remove the relic items and from the shops they never said they would temporary add them to shops seems like a sneaky way to remove them and not let players know how to get them


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        its a mickey mouse event to justify the removal of these items


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          I think they realized they messed up by adding these items in the first place, it cost them too much money. But what they fail to realize is it could cost them even more money by removing these items.


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            It won't cause retards keep pouring money into this game and will keep doing so no matter what.
            Last edited by lamaie.limonada; 08-08-2018, 08:41 AM.