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Wartopia - Love it or Hate it

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  • Wartopia - Love it or Hate it

    Lets See if the devs take heed of this...........................................
    Love it
    Hate it
    Remove it

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    omg 60min of pure pian and we ned do whis every sunday becuse r2 remove the rewards from the other places, so only way to get them for cfree is do whis nm, i think ther hit the low whit the bg whit flage and crazy drayd, but no ther could find some thing more pian full then heroes trail.


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      Server reward just cr.ap gold - I put between 60m and 100m gold into guild every day just to dump it otherwise I am maxed permanently. Need better server reward - gold is worthless now.
      Cannot do wartopia as it is on at 3 am. Need to put on at a time that most players can play it - rather than in the middle of the night.


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        Server reward just cr.ap gold. I put between 60m and 100m gold into guild every day just to dump otherwise I would be permanently maxed.
        Cannot do wartopia as it is on at 3 am. Events should be available so that the majority of players can play rather than in the middle of the night.


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          Remove this terrible thing... Yesterday when started couldnt do a thing there just collect materials and still couldnt deliver them because lord was always dead or in battle. What sociopath you have to be to think of ** like wartopia. + I dont think that most people will do it because its just 1-3 sun crystals/week. Items in shop is way overpriced.
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            Wartopia was bugged enough but to lock you out of game till reset, down right ridiculous get rid of it


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              So, from my observations of this absolutely terrible event:
              It's barely explained. I wandered around for a good 10 minutes not knowing what to do, until my team collectively figured out that: 1. you had to exit and reenter to even see other players, and 2. you turn in carts to your "lord" who is actually a player-npc, and you can only do that in the brief window when he's not fighting or dead.

              This whole "lord" system is completely ridiculous. We were facing off against servers who had the #3 and #9 players cross-server as theirs, and ours was #78. No one could so much as scratch the other two, and we were constantly unable to turn in carts. I would expect at least one team's lord to be nearly untouchable in every contest, possibly all 3 in extreme cases.

              You lose your cart when you die, and you don't get any buff I could see from dying. So weak players are just there to feed the stronger ones, and maybe sneak through with a cart. They will stop playing in droves if this is all the event lets them do.

              The shop items are so expensive you can hardly get any of them. Luckily I consider this a benefit, since it means I never have to do this dumpster fire of an event again.

              There is no strategy, higher participation is of questionable benefit, and it lasts a painfully long hour. Who the hell thought this event was a good idea?


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                look at ranking of the servers and the individual ranks it seems not all servers were bugged just most of them .this was announced months ago but as usual no testing and now it another thing for r2 to put in bin with a lot of other stuff that's still bugged and will remain so for another 5 years you look at known list of bugs and it just growing it never decreases come on people get your act together if in any other walk of life if you can fix it you out on your ear try getting some programmers who know what they are doing and stop using excuse it hard to convert from Chinese pfff