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God's Marks expiration

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  • God's Marks expiration

    God's Marks expire on August 26 2018 at reset. Be sure to use them before that time.

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    Mentor_Rambler As the event is once per mnth why don't the devs make these gods mark perm as they store in the profile tab and wont take room up in the inventory slots

    lets us store them till we wanna use them cuz the items are so over priced and can only get a few items per event


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      26th at reset you should have said 25th towards 26th on reset cause then it did .......

      The way you write it down as well the way it was wrote in guide (or where ever i read it as well) it reads as end of 26th........
      Good thing we kept hammering all in guild to use it already earlier in the week but bet there plenty who where waiting till 26th to use who came home from a cold shower

      For rest hope it never come's back
      Last edited by theghosthimself; 08-27-2018, 06:52 AM. Reason: spelling error
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