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  • lucky exchange/lucky draw

    why is this in there? does some spend on those? all the stuff you can get for free and making hard to see the event exchanges that are hiding in between the lucky draw... can they make atleast that those exchange are on top and under eachother instead of in between and 3 lines further down the oother normal exchange???

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    Yes, some people do buy magic shells for these exchanges. That we get most of those items for free makes it hurt a little less for those who don't spend. Those who do spend can choose to get some materials a little faster than what we get for free, or use them as just a way to spend balens for spender rewards.

    I can't forward your suggestion regarding the order of the exchanges in the list. It is difficult to see the weekly event exchanges in that list.
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      just suck that the normal exchange getting lost between them and R2 need to stop beeing greedy and fix this damn game and do something about the flash/lag hackers/abusers .. and the slow play