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  • Question about VIP

    if i activated a 6-month VIP card would it instantly make me a lvl4 vip or that is no more?

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    Pretty sure you start at lvl 1. I don't see anything that references starting at lvl 4.
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      maybe it was years ago cuz i'm pretty sure i've seen it somewhere but thanks for the answer


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        VIP is a feature that gives additional privileges to those who pay the monthly fee i.d. US $7.99. VIP members receive an array of benefits, with higher level VIPs getting additional benefits. VIP members get 10 growth points for each day they are a member and 1 for each 100 Balens spent. If they give up their subscription, they lose benefits immediately and lose 5 growth points per day until they renew. All VIP members get a different castle (as seen in the level comparison table) and level 9 VIP members get another.

        Vip Level Points needed Total Points
        1 0 0
        2 100 100
        3 150 250
        4 250 400
        5 400 900
        6 600 1500
        7 800 2300
        8 1000 3300
        9 1200 4500