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  • Battleground flag hogging

    Here is something obnoxious happened.I just returned to Wartune and did my first battleground session as i am short of insignias n honors.This is what happened a player on our side grabbed the flag and just refused to chk it in.He was running all over the battlegrd the whole session.This prevented the other players on the same side to have a go at the flag. the other party was having a great time grabbing our flags and won.the only guy who had the most points was the selfish player on our side who was holding on to the enemy flag all the time truout the whole session. [removed] Can something be done like putting a timer on the flag that it has to be cashed in to the resource collector within a time frame to prevent selfish acts or can u blacklist the player.
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    Most people that are active in bg hate the flag. Either we keep saying to someone who keeps turning in the flag to quit with the flag, or asking someone strong to hold the flag, because without the flag being turned in the bg last longer and is fun. If it's up to me and many players they remove the flag completely!


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      The problem with flag hogging is that the strongest player holds the flag knowing no one can take it away from them. They are the ones who earn the most kills, but everyone else on their team gets squat because generally their side is the one who loses. In my opinion, those flag hoggers are just greedy and inconsiderate of everyone else on their team.
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        You really want fast bg without a chance to get some or max honor or some kills, besides the looser or winner reward? If so hop in last minute!
        The bg I go to mostly the earliest ones (europe zone), there all active bg players want fun fights, trading kills/honor, fool around, not someone trading in the darn flag every second making it harder to get honor/kills. That is exactly why most the players in those bg I come in to ask the big guys/girls to keep the flag on both sides. So the side with the flag holder looses is impossible, cause is both sides thing, or we all atk the ones who run with the flag to tower.


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          the flage is worst thing ever add to bg second is do bg so big and add so many treasures cheife to get drayd, remove flage or first add it last 5min or 10min of bg and make them whit flage run whit no mount and 50% sped reducing like in wartopia then you cart, then flage run can not run away whit not get catch even if som try attack them who stop flage runer.