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pennant ascension stones

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  • pennant ascension stones

    are the ..ckers pulling the same trick as they did with clothing shards? remove and no place to redeem then other then spend or in lucky exchange? why they feel like to *** up the game more and more by removing need full stuff bunch of ..... tards... put in a twat event for an hour full of bug's and out rages high prices for the stuff you can buy from the lousy rewards you got from that rubish time wasting event...

    so when are the clothing shards comming back as we had before they removed them???
    and when those stones back as they where before they ... up ??

  • #2
    all good thing move to wartopia the cs even who only is here maby 2 times a year and only last 1 sunday, it is worst idear ever.


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      drop rate from lucky exchange for ascension stone is ****... traded 600+ chest got like 20 ascension stone and was lucky, on my other toon same amount and 0 ascension

      they should add in weekly exchange, like we can exchange x box for 1k smelt or 1k wraith, but now x box for 100 stone maybe?


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        they love to sc rew us over and over