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  • Where is the fun

    Want to ask all of you reading this post. Does anyone of you think Wartune is a fun game to play anymore?
    I started my first char in dec 2012 and thought this was a fun way to spend my time chatting with new friends and having a laugh. Everything we did in game was fun.
    The game we play today is a totally different story u need spend atleast half the evening online to make what devo you can if u as me play char without vip. Atleast if you want to get somewhere in game. Think it be time for R2 to tell the devs that we loose players and any new finding this booring game is never staying long. Go back to what it was not what it is now TO MUCH OF A MUST

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    the fun left game when the dev's started to demolish the game by putting in more and more lag fest stuff events that not working and removing stuff... the clothing shards they banned from getting free.. those penant stones they removed from game and putted them in an event that last for an hour full with bug's and that apears once a life time? the dev's should get fired on the spot they are dumb ..ols


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      Fun, for me, had left when the following happened and the developers' heads are so far up their kiesters:

      • PVP no longer exists. Players are mismatched, either in Group Arena or in Battleground as well as other PVP based events. Gone are the days where matches can take over 5 minutes because both sides were evenly matched that wits and strategy are relied upon to make or break a bout. You get folks who are just new going against players who are with Goddess/Titan/Dragonchant. You have to thank the babies out there who can't stay for an even matched fight that they wanted easy kills.

      • Cross Platform ruined many things. There is no real communication to other players in other hosted sites. There is no true grouping or matching, either. It also added the un-needed lag.

      • Events are getting ridiculous now. I took a dive with my sleeper account to find that my worst predictions had come true. 300 devo Rave? Are you kiddin' me? If I said I didn't want to be a slave to the game, they were supposed to make it so people don't have to spend all day to get every little devo (small as it is) point so they can get the max reward. I was happy when it was only Rave 200 because I can play the game for around 3 hours total in a day and still have time to do things in real life I need to do.

      • Malice Exchange has become what it is, pure malice. Without the free clothing shards afforded to players who can participate, it went downhill with much more stupid things where you have to exchange one set of trinkets for another set so you can get what you need. Frankly, if so called numbnuts of developers had left it at one type of trinket, it would have been much easier.

      • Clothing being offered just totally sucked. It looks like tihs and has no use whatsoever. This was supposed to be WARTUNE where you can dress up to be a badass and intimidate other players, but it's just the opposite.

      • The biggest fun killer is in the form of lag. I mean, come on, we all know where it is and what is causing such (psst, it's the flashiness of elements as well as the big headedness of developers). We've sent our issues and suggestions, but I guess we're not CHINESE since most of their patching is done to be on par with Chinese Wartune, so if those kids say something, they get it done; we get zilch because we don't matter to them.
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        yup we dun matter they care only about the money over here ... wished i could read and type chinese then i would had played there its cheaper then here


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          there is no consideration for any players past or present they will get the odd big casher once per year and that's all they hoping for if they made the game more rounder like it used to be there would be more players and less leaving so more income from vip and sc but they realy don't think about the quality of gaming for people just the quick bucks every 3 months with new patches 99% of the people who started on my server 222 6 years ago have left the game so what does that tell you about how the game has progressed .
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            i know a few bigh whales that stopped cus all the ****** that the dev's pull on us