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Cross server friendlist clear

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  • Cross server friendlist clear

    Im curious after you chit on bg and made ts so bad no1 wants to do it how do you expect us to build new cr friendlist or have any contact with other server at all ? that kinda was it as ev1 was doing it till uhm we waited 10month+ for you to change it back to normal as no1 ***** cares about that chit bg you gave us "run more then you fight" well wasnt wartopia flop like that and you just removed it instant after first try ? how long does it take for you to realize this dam *** bg has been empty sinse start of year or do you not have numbers there ?, HOW ARE WE POSTO COMMUNICATE BTW CROSS SERVERS NOW

    Kind Regards Kuss, for all nice ppl working there
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    lol...because it doesn't require us to put in a CC# so they don't care.. Hi Kuss
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      Hi saph, im not sure most of them can read or know numbers before we have some evidence of this madness they been doing to kill all communication btw cross servers, killing battleground was good job and somehow we all just let it go for no reason, was kinda only fun part of game

      To add: Anytime of day kinda jump into bg and find punch of ppl to fight with or talk with, I go to bg and i see 1 vs 0 every day i think my self well 10 devo
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        devo from BG? hymph... what about all the missed hugs?
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          There is planty of honor for no1 as this bg sux so much *** no1 does it

          Fair question how the ** are we posto get honor now ?


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            we whas told whis bg whas a test but nobody like it all complian about it so i think test, whas to find go way to remove bg from the game it is why ther refused listen to complians about whis bg we has now, it way to big has stupid flages to end bg in few mins after start, has to many drayd monster to kill, changes it back to version befor replaces soul seal rewards whit cast stone or polis orb, can stil be the low amount it whas we gote of soul seal, but it will get players back on bg.


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              Well if r2 dosnt see this after over 8 months how they killed cross server community and now removed all friends we had, answer was "re build" how do we rebuild something they prevent us to do, HEY ALL PPL COME DO NETHERFOREST every day till end of year so we can be freinds??? again?? or *** ??


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                Till R2 Tinder(waiting google approval) let us know, when there is something like hey we bring back old bg or say like been 4 months lets do that pennant or dragonchant lucky exhange again so ppl who dosnt have any grass yet can actually get some :O that not REAL OMG something others got free and other cant get at all WAT :O

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                  ther dide give out free grass i has tons back to the dragonchante mount from the chest in lucky exchanges


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                    What if you missed those few weeks we had it ? for some reason they are pushing dragonchant pvp with insane Specter & stun combo with relic and now illiya added to that fun


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                      Almost stopping playing...
                      Wartune is no longer the same as when I had fun with the game. Sad after all this time playing this game...


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                        Heeee Kuss try friend me your on other cluster no way to catch ya
                        and i can not even friend players from crosserver rankings
                        mofo's fec king everything up <<<--- probly gonna give me a minus point again
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