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Rifts in Endless Path or Sanctuary

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  • Rifts in Endless Path or Sanctuary

    I play the toon Envy on Server 207 I was fully naked and was on rift a moment ago till some moron took my spot, and he wasn't even naked. It is really rude. We have a thing called Respect among the players that if you are naked its easier for you all to take on if not we're one tough mother to kill. I hope you enjoy your Experience with Rift. Be glad I did not have a server horn. Yes, I'm a tad bit upset about this.

    tpo Envy.

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    Happens all the time now. Some don't care about curtesy s some of us do for them. One kept attacking me while I was naked so I 'd respond fully dressed.
    We do the naked thing so all can at least get a some talismans they need to help them. Seems like being nice is a thing only some of us still endeavor to do , I m getting at the point where its futile to do so anymore since some noob who does not get it or understands this is a curtesy some do for others..

    Laugh at those who are profoundly ignorant of things around them that are different . Makes you the better person, cause your always walking around with a smile that seems like you just got laid. And that is always better .


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      My point exactly. Do Not kick Naked folks off Rift. I'm the one who kicks those who are not naked Off Rift... so that someone else can get rift while naked fully. I and a few others do that. Haha.


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        btw, I play on the Euro Server so if you see an Envy... *waves* Don't be a stranger.


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          It's bad enough people are taking the last map fully dressed, especially more than once. But uncalled for to kick a naked player off, they know what they are doing. Seen people do this just before a rift changes. IMO, the ones that are kicking players want attention


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            well there are player out there are new such as player didnt know while there AFK or offline. But if just found out who are there in which server & pm them "there need to strips for helping rift" its fine if there want the last map but there need to learn to strips once occupy the map.

            in East Coast few player did bullhorn to the player to tell them get off the last map if not helping for rift.

            Well its hard to see the player strips or not since there change the look of toon once switch the mode.
            I always strips but now i cant once the Beast reach max lv8 it hard to kill once rift come giving the boost % (smiliar to smelt)
            East Server: 345 Crystal Plains
            Character: Mage
            Class: Knighthood
            level: 80
            Time Zone: (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada)
            Games play: League of Angel (first & 2nd vision), Wartune, Crystal Saga (First & 2nd Vision), Dragon Pals, Shadowbound, Lunaria Story, Swords of Divintiy, Dawnbreaker & God Wars [I'm everywhere to play, but of course now i'm focus on Wartune even Wartune I do have different server but won't say to much detail & I do change name depend what anime name]


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              Yes, well anime, these were not new players. They know the Curtsey that is among the players to get naked. Some of these are even big-time cashers, not mention no names here, but they just don't care. Those that I end up kicking off because they are dressed, feel the need to be ***** in the game. While some folks take their time to get undressed, which is a pain. I'm one of those who does get naked all the way down to the Goddess. Now, don't get pervy guys. Heh.