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  • attack speed

    i'm an archer with 45m br but i not understand why i attack often for last... i've compared all stats also vs weak players but they attack before me. i'm an archer and is very important for me attack for first or i die fastly.

    and seems strange also if is a slow speed of my pc or my net... i see sometimes others use skills after me but they attack always before me. i'm very often last to attack also vs players very very weaks. if they use skills.
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    As an archer player myself for many years, not including here mind you. Yes, archers can be weak, but.. it also depends on your stats and how you laid them out. Battle Rating does not matter in most cases when it comes to combat, I have proven this repeatedly. For Example. John is an archer, he has low Battle Rating and a low level at that. In comes Jane same class as John, with higher Battle Rating. John kicks the **** out of Jane. Why? He laid out his stats on how he should have done. Jane, well let's just say she doesn't have a real clue on how the game or stats are placed therefor she dies. I hope this clears that up.
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      this not explain why i attack always for last also if i'm a strong player and i help some low players.
      every hero has his hamster!


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        If you're talking about initial attacks, the factors on that are kind of mysterious. Attacks when there are at least 4 players involved, though, is covered by a major bug they haven't even bothered to address. You can get multiple attacks in if you time them correctly, which is tricky, but generally activating an attack while other actions are happening, especially unawakened sylph attacks, can make you attack immediately. You do need to have waited for some indeterminate amount of time (I give it 5 seconds minimum), and it seems like only one person can take advantage of any "slot", so it's also luck.

        The tl;dr is: in any group fight, give a 10 count between when your skill activates and when you select the next one. Decent odds to get an early attack.


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          If you struggle at start of battle, as archer yo shud just start with guardian rune and have like moon titan first slot to protect eud if you like, moon,awaken,Venge/fear as odins cant remove it when they sylph, but multi combat you do not need awaken at 2, and there is bug as if you are using dragon you can use Deathlingerer wich makes holy swords not work for next 2 rounds, buggy *** things as they are(if you hit player with deathlingerer)

          Bug works as Odin holysword wont remove any buffs and thor or frigga wont gain their dmg buff or shield at all
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            yes , i stay talking on initial attack. i not understand why i'm often last. ok, not counting who have dragonchant (they start before) , is very strange that i'm became last to attack in a party. very often i'm last and hint to use shield rune not is a good hint .... i should attack for 1st for do a lot damage or offensive archer will be useless. wasting only 10-12 turns for nothing and die later because i can't protect and i'm 1 vs 4 .
            every hero has his hamster!