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Fixing Minor Issues

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  • Fixing Minor Issues

    I normally play wartunes but not as often because I am using an app called Puffin Browser which got a lot better so that I could play this game with more ease my only issues are adding players, chat system, and farm. Now I use a tablet to try and play pc games I guess u could say I love testing out how well the device and the puffin browser works well with the pc mmorpg game and as of 2018 and so far it works perfectly fine except for the graphics of the character which I still think needs a little more work on. So moving on my problem was me being able to add friends which was difficult to the point where I had to ask people to add me rather than tap on their names to add them. Which in my opinion find a bit difficult because I am not using a mouse pad I'm using the puffin browser app what i would like is for u to to possibly make the chat system first bigger and then make it somewhat easy for me to be able to tap their name or highlight it or something so that i can easily tap their names rather than tapping over a hundred times just to add them and I swear to God that chat system is quite small and I'm sorry if that was rude but it never changed since this game first started. Thats something that should've alreadbeen worked on I mean this is 2018 not the dark ages and soon we'll be hitting 2020 so consider giving that a nice upgrade or something it wouldnt hurt to do that besides its not like I shot u in ur private area, and I'm quite sure im not the only puffin browser user with this issue. I really had to take a hard look at the chat system n wonder if it was always like that and im not talking about the private chat system that one is totally fine its just ur world chat n whatever else chat next to it chat systems yes pc gamers may not have an issue with it but puffin browsers might say otherwise and puffin cannot adjust ur chat system only you can do that r2games, its been years I do not understand why that little thing was not giving a nice little upgrade show some common sense and decency cause I pay attention to little details like this when I wish I could ignore it n think its just piece of **** but its not since its a part of the game and this isnt rudeness this is just plain hard facts and things I see and notice and have a problem with at least when us newbies create our chars give us a list of people on your suggestion list so that we can add friends there. Next up farm was almost difficult I dont got a mouse but I tried for the life of me out of desperation which is nowhere near close to funny and if I find any player making fun of a puffin browser user I will curse at you and block you alone permanently they dont need to be bullied, harrassed, or made fun of because of these small yet tedious issues besides they have their own reasons for playing the game like me thanks for reading this and thk u if u are willing to put in the extra effort to do a slight adjustment or fix up with ur farm, chat system and adding players I'd greatly appreciate that. Of course I will not thank you for being lazy, that includes doing absolutely nothing or not putting in the effort to work on those things and yes sometimes the little things in life do matter because when you leave it alone guess what? they come back at you and grow bigger and bigger no matter what u use even if its a raid spray bottle at a pile of ants more will come out to bite you because guess why? they were there before u and I even existed and theres nothing u can do about they are still there and they aint going nowhere they live in da dirt so what did you expect? for them to never come back or to be extinct will they arent this is just a nice little lesson plus a suggestion so that u can look at yourself and re-evaluate your level of intelligence or better yet your stupidity other than that have a lovely day everybody besides my breakfast eagerly awaits to be eaten. T.T

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    Wartune is a pc browser game. It will not be optimized for mobile play. There are other companies that provide a mobile version if you are needing a game for your phone.
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