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Bann person for battleground rudeness?

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  • Bann person for battleground rudeness?

    Just wanted know if it possible bann or warn people for not having behaviour in Battleground. One is having 3 alts attacking all time and when i get weak attack with main, fears to lose honor. No chance of winning it also because all time attacked and the alts get the flags. Is there any chance r2 people can do anything against the person ? This breaks a lot the litttle fun part of game ...

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    Not likely. It's not against the rules have alts or to be rude. Unless the player is from an R2 server and using language that breaks rules, you might just have to leave when you're on the same team and try to join another team, or wait until the next BG instance.
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      Som1 still doing BG on are Cross srv its been dead sinse feb, after they released that "running simulator" as battleground players wanted