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    Anyone else tired of the same old events, the one tonight we had last week, what happened to dragonchant event, events with smelt stones, or an event for ascension stones. People including myself still need terra grass, an event where you can get a decent amount of smelting stones( I'm not paying 50 balens for a shell-who the heck buys these), and the lucky exchange for relic gives many pennent stones and almost no ascension stones, not worth the event items. Another thing I find really weird is the current special pack in the shop. It is Demon Continent III chest for 699
    balens- you'd think it would contain some prayer scripts, some waves and a random goddess shard in it- it contains 30 level 4-10 HP gems...I'm like wth is this to do with Demon Continent.
    I used to love this game but it is not fun to play anymore, just play it to interact with my on-game husband and friends. We are looking for another game, been playing this one since still had vouchers and 30 arena attempts, so sad game has gone downhill.