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  • Returning player.

    noticed i missed the last Returning player event.... will there be another one soon?

    looking to get back into this again after sorting out my new computer system and working less.

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    It's an event that has averaged a twice a year appearance. It doesn't look like it's set to a specific time frame. We weren't given any notice prior to this last occurrence, so it's hard to plan for it. It's also not guaranteed that the event will happen, but if it does, it's most likely going to happen again sometime around Feb/March/April.

    I would recommend, if this is the event you are waiting for before deciding to return to the game, start visiting the forum every Friday starting in February. Friday because it's after weekly maintenance, new servers have been announced or launched for the week, and this event doesn't get posted on a weekend so would have been posted at some point before Friday of the week.
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