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Game So booring

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  • Game So booring

    btw i was about to write something else but its all good now so, Game is just booring lol
    Last edited by jeez22; 10-25-2018, 01:48 PM.

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    if it was an actual game there would be a lot more on level content.
    so your first problem,considering this a "game" is a mistake.think of it
    like it's one of those cheesy facebook things you kill time with.
    second,if you want a real game with plenty of on level content,you
    need to find one of several online mmo's like WoW or LOTRO.


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      Did he just say LOTRO ? i really feel for you dude seems you missed one decade


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        Forums lagged something idk why it posted twice first it didnt show anything
        Last edited by jeez22; 10-25-2018, 02:34 PM.


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          lol,yeah i did say lotro.after all these years i'm still playing and have 10 characters
          going's still better than the weak wartune,the only reason i can play it is
          because i don't consider it a real game so i can use it to kill time before or after
          work,and i won't matter if i skip a couple days.


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            thats totally different respect of wartune as some of us cash and go big, i dont know why you even writed what you did there after what i just read.

            i just have to add here, if you have to milk your cows and collect eggs just leave us who actually spent time here with friends and play a "game" demand something we can do other then just log in for guild events
            Last edited by jeez22; 11-06-2018, 10:06 AM.