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Small red flower for the cornucopia event

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    Originally posted by ernisalwa3 View Post
    Alredy activated yesterday, based on this article https://www.************/Guide/127240.html During Oct 26th to Nov. 1st, players will get their rewards via in-game mail at 00:00 every day. Next round event begin at 1:00 AM evey day.But i didnt get any emails for cornucopia rewards.
    So when we will get the rewards?
    It has been reported, but you still need to fill out a ticket so that support can deal with it. With player reports they can check backside and see what is going on.


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      this event is just a joke now 30K smeltstones splitted between arround 900 ppl? so nice to see how greedy they are at R2 they really f ing dun care