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    anyway they ... up the game more and more.. now lowering the rewards.. giving rats as about what the value is of those items.. then they need find something else... what use is it when we get just 1????? like pieing on a bush fire of 10 acres... they only dollar signs in eyes.. they remove need full stuff like clothing shards and put them back 10 free once every 2 weeks?? and for rest you need cash hard to re\deem clothing set once a month... those ascension stones and other stuff needed for the engraving/upgrading been removed and hided in a 1hour once a life time bug poor designed/tested event... those jerks only know how to irritate ppl............................... let them put back the clothing shards and other stuff they removed... wished that the gameplay was still as it was few year back.. game play was better ppl got more nice stuff from event's like wings mounts etc and for less money.
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