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How can mages beat Demon Continent 28-5 Boss??

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  • How can mages beat Demon Continent 28-5 Boss??

    Currently my mage is almost 60m BR. I tried every strategy I could think of. I tried as dragonchant blocking his buff to go into rage mode and hopefully that would also work to prevent him from casting the bleed spell. I tried the the 4 sunlight talismans to prevent my self getting that bleed debuff but not working at all. I tried in normal modeswitch my skills to the healing one but passive that removes debuff isnt working.
    The bleed damage this boss deals is too much. 6m HP damage. Anyone has a strategy to beat this one?

    Edit: What makes it harder is that since KH introduced mages lost the purify skill they had and since mages dont have the puri rune like archer and knight have, its way more difficult to deal with it
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    I feel ya hun. I am in the same boat as you and stuck. I even tried switching from Illya to Hecate since I keep them at same levels and such. Even when I am potted up I still can't pass it. We need to be able to sylph and have our wp's. Not just our toon and Goddess.
    Mage Lvl.80:
    106,802,118 Normal Mode
    101,629,274 Dragon Mode
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      mages have always got a raw deal on this game even though they one of the most popular toons wait till you get to 100m br then you might pass all gl trying


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        72M BR mage using heal and shield runes. All passive skills maxed, very high res for wind, dark and fire (not sure if that's relevant), with Ilya level 44. In regular form, not Dragon.

        Fully potted, and with the spirit covenant buff (again, not sure of relevancy).

        Passed 28-10 and 29-5 yesterday. Keep trying !!!!!

        Crol, Kabam-S67

        p.s. mages naturally do puri after KH, just at the wrong times #36
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