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r2 lower rewards from events on half

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  • r2 lower rewards from events on half

    hmm i notice that r2 lower rewards from events in last weeks first was with city gifts where is now max 30 and before was 60 and now same thing with mount whisp event now from there you can get max 27 event chest per day and before was around 50 on other side all exchange cost stay same so basicly we have double less stuff for exchange now

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    Yeah, was not happy to see using 3000 whips now gives a whopping 10 event things.. quite a downgrade


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      the devs off their meds again

      they lower rewards to make ppl quit they lower the recharge and spend events to not bring in new paying customers but quite actually to make cashers quit and move on to new r2 or 7 road games


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        can someone do something not nice with them so they gonna put back what they "stole" from us?