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    the demon continent is broken lvl. 12 boss is to strong the boss on that level is at 90 the characters level is 80 is this mess up please fix it

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    Well I am the last boss Lvl 17 so its not broken, but you need a decend character to beat those bosses.
    currently I am stuck because the last boss lvl 17 kills me with his refelct spell. ohter words I kill myself lol
    My advise. Get stronger hehe


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      I have to say.. I do feel like devs have done some not all thought through work on boss at different levels.. for me its like this.. every time I try.. it gets stronger and stronger.. not to mention the stun it does every 3 hit.. where it last 2 rounds... and then toon gets confused on last round.. to get stunned again.. Im stuck at lvl 28. I know my dear husband went past it a bit smaller then me and is still smaller then me and now he is at lvl 30. Also when the hubby does it.. his relic works.. and mine dont. Which one is the fail I dont know.
      That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam


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        As usual they hope you will recharge to get more and more stuff to boost your BR, but every time they try now it fails.
        They really should stop to force the player to buy everything with money and start to make it playable again.
        Else the game will be gone soon(er or l8er hehe)