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431Essence is Recruiting! (S10)

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  • 431Essence is Recruiting! (S10)

    If you are on server 10, come check us out. We are a new guild just starting out. I play for a few hours every day and plan on keeping this up for a few months at least so our guild will surely compete with the others out there!

    Our guild name is "431Essence", we are on server S10, via the game version located at http://www.************/

    Feel free to message me to ask for an invite, to invite other players, or with any other questions you may have. My characters name is "Eterna1"

    Everyone that applies is guaranteed acceptance!

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    This forum is for, not www.************.
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      This forum is for, not www.************.

      That's why I specified the http://www.************/ version. As to my understanding, the two versions are near identical. Do you know if there is a specific forum for the http://www.************/ version?

      By the way, thank you for making me feel screwed even more that I'm on http://www.************/ instead of I am only joking with you, I do feel a like I am screwed a little bit for signing up with the the http://www.************/ version insteand of the version. I didn't know the version existed when I first discovered the game and feel like the activity on our servers can never compare with the activity on the version. I believe they are both owned and run by r2games and am praying for the day that the two versions merge.


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        The 2 versions are almost the same. Even the patch version and promotion activities are highly similar.
        There's a forum for www.************. Feel free to google for the link.

        If you haven't spend much money and time, switching over to r2games wouldn't be that much a loss.
        Personally, I've quite a lot of fun here.
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          just to clarify. we are not the same company. and ************ IS NOT owned by R2. or else we wouldn't need to use 2 separate forums. and just so you know we are 2 separate company so not likely we would merge 2 servers from 2 different company.

          only reason i clarify this is DO NOT send in tickets for ************ problems to R2 because they won't be able to help you. Cheers

          it's like calling up Bank of America customer service and stating you are a Wells Fargo customer and you are also a bank account hold. Even though we are all in the Bank Business, doubt customer support got your account information to help you out.
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