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Proposed Tweak of Exploration Rewards for Eudaemon Patrol

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  • Proposed Tweak of Exploration Rewards for Eudaemon Patrol

    For quite some time now I've felt that the eudaemon patrol exploration rewards for willpowers, particularly for levels 4-6 and 10-12 have been somewhat improperly assigned. Level 4 through 6 willpower rewards include the three skill books required to push willpower skills to level 9 and beyond. In order to potentially obtain these rewards players are required to keep one or more willpowers at a maximum of level 6 to enjoy this benefit. These items seem like they should be in the top tier of rewards (willpower levels 10-12) as even max level willpowers will need thousands of these to continue to develop their skills. Additionally Blood of Zeus, Demonic Blood, and Memory Crystals would be three items players with max level willpowers would not be concerned with. Once a player has maxed out willpowers the need for Blood of Zeus is greatly diminished and there are plenty of other ways of obtaining it including placing regular eudaemon in exploration positions. Likewise once a player has all five willpowers unlocked the need for Demonic Blood and Memory Crystals completely vanishes.

    I would suggest the following: For the level 10-12 willpower exploration rewards keep the Willpower Talent Stones and Will Gear as possible rewards and replace the Blood of Zeus, Demonic Blood, and Memory Crystals with Passive Willpower Skill Books, Active Willpower Delphic Skill Books, and Active Willpower Skill Books. For the level 4-6 willpower exploration rewards keep the Blood of Zeus and Level 4 Eudaemon Diamonds and replace the various willpower skill books with Demonic Blood, Memory Crystals, and Books of Wisdom. In my opinion this would keep the rewards for these two level ranges in line with the willpowers assigned to these explorations and ultimately allow players with a complete set of max level willpowers to still get relevant and useful rewards to further develop their willpowers.

    I would love to hear people's thoughts and input on this suggestion.

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    The real problem is that you can't make more WPs of the same type. You didn't mention any tweaks for the edu part, why? because you can make any level edu and then assign them to explore. Whatever changes to rewards you suggest won't make everyone happy, because they still won't be able to choose what they want! They will just get whatever L12 WP offers.

    While if they allow us to just make more WPs (also allow deletion of WPs just like with edus), then we can make them the required level for whatever rewards we want.


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      I do agree that we will end up being stuck with whatever level 12 willpower rewards are offered but I was hoping to get those rewards changed to materials that are ultimately useful for level 12 willpowers. You're also correct that I didn't make any suggestions for regular eudaemon rewards because we can make what we need to obtain specific rewards in that respect. I did make these suggestions within the current constraint of only having one of each type of willpower as I did not see that as a problem in and of itself. I have quite the opposite view when it comes to that. Personally I have no interest in eudaemon domain teams with multiple sea witches so the healing is more over the top than it already is or seeing teams of 4 death specters that seek to overwhelm with 4x bleed that can't be countered. In my opinion one of each is sufficient and we need to be strategic in the use of what we have at our disposal.