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    Custom Titles:

    Brief Description:
    Custom titles, a simple yet effective way of adding not only a new way to express yourself through your character but a way of communicating without having to repeat the same thing constantly over and over again. Custom titles would have a prerequisite to attaining them and activating them, something along the lines of:

    The first basic title, free to obtain and activate simple silver but gives a basic form of expression and communication.

    Simple reuse of the any of the naming features currently in the game would make this possible.
    Simply replace 'name' with 'title' and I suppose the same finnacy filter will do as to not have "naughty" words in the titles.

    A tier/price/activation cost list:
    Tier 1
    Cost: Free
    Activation/Obtainment: Unlock Class Advancement.

    Tier 2
    Cost: 500 Balens
    Activation/Obtainment: Unlock Knighthood.

    Tier 3
    Cost: 1000 Balens
    Activation/Obtainment: Reach Holy Sword Level 30 on any type.

    Tier 4
    Cost: 2500 Balens
    Activation/Obtainment: Upgrade any goddess to any level with 10 stars.

    Images for tiers are there as referenceable for colour scheme/size of final tier title. Obtained titles would appear as [Custom Title] for players to rename within reason of the in game filter.
    This idea was sprung up from me having a second toon which I am married to since I needed a partner for Venus and whilst I am on that account it would be easier if instead of me having to exit demon continent as example where you cannot access chat unless within a battle, to let people know who it is asking them for help with a run they can easily view my toon and see my title which I could have as 'AKA Caramel' or 'Caramel'. That being one reason, my simple laziness but this also ties into other game features like Holy Sword and most importantly Goddess' not only is there a requirement to pay for higher tiers, there's also the prerequisites, money to be made right there. MONEY ASIDE.. It simply adds a new way to express yourself and a new form of communication. I've seen things like this in many other games, Idk if I'm allowed to mention them so better not but people already cash for clothing, this is another cosmetic feature that could be added that I know people would pay for..

    Enough rambling though. I hope you enjoy this suggestion and I hope it is put forward to the developers.
    Thanks for reading.
    - S97 Caramel

    Forgot to add proposed location of custom title, there's already a spot for it when viewing a player (Me viewing from my partner toon) it says N/A for some reason, even though I have a title equipped so possible if this is added a fix for this alongside it?
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    S97 Caramel
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    definitely we lots of new titles, thanks for your ideas.
    Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

    Player Name = ArcMorpheus
    Server= S31 US East
    Class = Knight
    Guilds Enlisted (in chronological order) = TankWars, Unknown, Mostwanted, & Fenix (nowadays).
    Server = US East Server 31
    Plataform = Kabam / Wonderhill / Gamerocks
    Login from = Google Mail (previously) / Gamerocks (nowadays)