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Dimension mines!

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  • Dimension mines!

    Someone else feeling that dimensions mines after the last servers maintenance is lower rate?
    for my analyzes i`ve opened 200 dimension got 1 mine out of them which before this maintenance would be 7+ mines at least?
    or i got a bad luck and nothing changed? it just weird.

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    Same with me about 3 weeks ago i found 3 mines eveyday for the whole week after never got one again. i eventually gave up and just made all my dims to get the shards


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      Lately I've been finding eyeballs at around the normal rate, but they're almost always empty. Always hard to tell with things that are rare and random, since I've had excellent runs and terrible runs - 200 dimensions for 1 mine is something I've hit before, so it's always been possible.

      Mine rarity is also skewed towards normal mines for me recently. It's tough to argue that the rare mines weren't too common before, though (I was seeing about 50% rares).


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        Worry not about the dimensional mines, before or after the patch, still at its lowest rate.