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Guild merit points.

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  • Guild merit points.

    Since they have finally put a nil in the small guilds coffin, can anyone tell me this?

    Does guild merit move like guild skills when you move guilds?

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    lose merits if leav guild no idear why sinces the rewards from guild seig stay permant.


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      what do we need todo to get Guild Assets?


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        You do devo like always for the guild assets thing.
        Even smaller guilds can obtain the chest needed to give guild assets. You might not get as much as the bigger guilds ,tho u do obtain enough to open what you need .
        This sort of makes even the lazy ones in guilds , (who sit and collect rewards while others gain stuff for whole guild), have to work some for their own personal merit rewards.
        Laugh at those who are profoundly ignorant of things around them that are different . Makes you the better person, cause your always walking around with a smile that seems like you just got laid. And that is always better .