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  • Guild Dungeon reset

    once a guild clear all in Normal and NM, do we have to wait on the end of the season for reset or is it every week?

    My Guild clear it in 3 days, meaning we lost 50 merit pts for 57 days, reset should be every week or reseting to 0 once all done
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    Guild Dungeon only resets at the end of the season. A season is two months. There are additional rewards at the end of the season, based on rank, which is based on how quickly the dungeon has been cleared compared to other guilds in your cross server bracket.
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      Guild dungeons are also part of Quest Academy giving 50 personal merit daily so does that mean we have to lose out on that merit for the next 2 months once we completed Nightmare Mode which for my guild will be by the end of next week if not sooner. Needless to say our top ranked EU x server guild will be finished in guild dungeon very soon too but they have had the advantage of big merges while others on this x server are lucky to get any. I don't have a lot of active guild members but we work together to do the best we can, so losing 50 merit daily will not be good for those with limited time to be online.