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Road to Glory and the latest patch

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  • Road to Glory and the latest patch

    I didn't see anything in the patch notes about Road to Glory changing as a result of the latest patch but perhaps the changes were just 'bonus content' for us to discover that falls under the 'optimizations' category of the patch. Is there any particular reason why the difficulty of RtG was substantially increased with the latest patch? Enemies now have both their willpower and their sub euds (players are still not allowed to have sub euds in RtG to compensate), their sylphs have their holy swords, and the characters themselves are now utilizing both their relics and their goddesses. Was this change intentional and simply not something that was mentioned? The event was already regarded by most players as difficult since it's entirely based on the quality of random buffs you have access to and then on top of that the blitz mechanism is the most atrocious in the game (unless you aren't even allowed to blitz because of a particularly bad day of RtG the previous day or you happen to miss a day). Now the difficulty has sky rocketed with stuns, massive deflects, never ending awakening regen, and a plethora of heals. I am lucky that I'm not a new player that actually needs to do this event to elevate my astrals as the current iteration of this will probably be enough to make the small population of players that were still doing this (most players I talk to simply do a single battle per day for devotion) to stop completely other than for the previously mentioned devo fight. I had been continuing to run this daily in hopes that the RtG shop might actually get something useful added to it but with this latest change I may stop holding my breath and start skipping this altogether.

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    i usualy finish all lvls of road to glory but since patch i dont think i bother anymore with this as my astrals all done plus why should i carry on when now they ave all stuff and effects on so u get 1 or 2 shotted or u loose all hp after ur first skill when reflect hits u