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1 Simple Question 4 Everybody

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  • 1 Simple Question 4 Everybody

    Anyone know the max limit for storing the following items?:



    Becasue i already know the current limit for gold storage (over 2100 million units)

    Thanks in advance for the answers, i need them for some strategies i would like to accomplish.
    Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

    Player Name = ArcMorpheus
    Server= S31 US East
    Class = Knight
    Guilds Enlisted (in chronological order) = TankWars, Unknown, Mostwanted, & Fenix (nowadays).
    Server = US East Server 31
    Plataform = Kabam / Wonderhill / Gamerocks
    Login from = Google Mail (previously) / Gamerocks (nowadays)

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    I dont t hink there is any limit for kya or daru. If there is it must be over 5k millions
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