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  • stun

    can the dev's nerf the stun to like they nerf all stuff? in guild siege 1att without stun then got relic stun 1 or 2 attacks godess stun etc etc its working way to good

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    yeah to much stun for 1 account

    you can t normal battle cus off this dumb stun ****

    like the old battles where you had to fight and not die cus your stunned the whole battle !!!!
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      Game is good if no stun. Previously it was removed and return the stun after relic patch. Stun more prevalent nowadays from relic to goddess. It's their fault to add stun in the game. It's your choice to get stun or not.


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        juse sun talisman then you wont get stun and not get any debuff a all is that not to up to?


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          stun on relis was special designed for a mage..which is a good news after many good buff n advantage dev give to archer n knight...its well known that mage have been feel like 'abandoned' by dev for very long time until relic system came along..when u complain bout stun its the same way u complain bout player using fringga which have shield n heal or players that choose sea witch just to keep them be healed when they got hp it only a matter of choice..dont complain or whining too much coz of what u choose..coz that how exactly a mage feel in old time but never complain


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            I would like to see that the relic doesn't work on 1st hit. So everyone have a change to put his skill to go off.
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