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Who chooses what servers to merge? They pull it out of a hat?

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  • Who chooses what servers to merge? They pull it out of a hat?

    2 merges ago, I was on 592, with 1 guild left active. You merged us with 597. 10x stronger than us. So, our guild that was #1 merges in with their #1 guild. Ends in : Dead server. We wait and wait and a merge finally comes today or yesterday. The people merging in are up to like 128 mil br. Our biggest I think was 24 mil br. We will be back to 1 or 2 guilds in a week. The #2 guild won't be competitive. It will die or merge in. Why can;t WT make competitive servers ???

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    If you just had a merge on 592, then you don't play for R2Games, and as such, we can't answer your question or relay your feedback.

    I don't turn people who don't play for R2 away from the forum, since it's the same game version regardless, we all experience the same issues, and feedback goes to the same place, so you are more than welcome to participate in and start discussions about the game here. However, for questions, feedback, and concerns that are specifically related to the publisher, such as server merges, account issues, payment issues, and downtime, you do need to be talking about that where your publisher can see it, and for you, that would be a Facebook group called Wartune Official, or you can send them a support ticket.
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