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in christmas events we become evil and rudes

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  • in christmas events we become evil and rudes

    i'm not 1st person that when have seen snowball and yeti has thought " nooo , again these bad events ".

    also if they was cool and not timed , problem is that who may play for these days , will gain something that we not have.

    wartune, you like add these events for christmas , saint valentine , easter egg , halloween , ect? ok , but NO REWARDS . right for fun.

    these special events, do angry persons for many reasons and bring players to be : or rude with parents and not stay in these days with them , or quit game because players are annoyed to lose rewards and see others improve (also very few but give annoy...).

    in few words : NO SPECIAL EVENTS AND SPECIAL EXCHANGES . most will lose some days and may also lose also hot events/lucky exchange.

    when we'll have same items for luckt exchange and them permanents?

    if i was a casher and for any reason i could not cash on special events in these days , i QUITTED SURELLY .

    are years that we have these events and are years that i should often choose if stay with mine uncles or stay to play to wartune.... LET ME GO TO MINE UNCLES in these days in future and put how many special dungeons you like !!! but NO REWARDS !!! only for fun with others , who has time free.
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    they dun care about players and their free holiday spirit is dunno where... if they hand out some free stuff its hard to get..


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      exactly, lately the events are really bad, I do not know what's happening ... but last year's Christmas, the items were much better and the rewards better still, I do recharge every month, and by the way the events are coming, it's not just me complaining ... it's practically all players ...


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        yeah, i've discovered that is worse of previous years. one reason in more to avoid.

        but not was better have snowball all day ? and without rewards? only for fun?

        i've lost a lot time for seach yeti in wild and not is neither funny. they could remove fully yeti.

        i'll not do anymore christmas events. this is a good thing: others not should gain too things and i could go from mine uncles. but do anger anyway them system , because in years not is been changed and was already a problem.

        as every yeah, snowball super laggy and too hard aim opponents and hard to understand if you have aimed enemies.
        every hero has his hamster!


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          Again a event that one of the IDIOT devs came up with that morons from R2 agree to. Why can u not keep to what work for most players instead of the chaos u constructed now, a fight against everyone without any structure. Pointless piece of .... keep it those that bother
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            Only need to have a look at new events for 2 days: recharge, spenders, recharge, recharge, recharge, spenders.... says enough. It's Xmas for the game, not for us though
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