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Wartune Part Two.

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  • Wartune Part Two.

    Hello. I have a rough draft of an idea for a sequel to Wartune. Please leave your honest opinions and feedback. This is just for fun. Thanks !

    Attack ~ HP Attk/Rage Attk/Stat Attk
    HP Attk ~ turn*HP% Attk/HP Attk/turns*static HP Reduc
    Rage Attk - Dec Rage/ Inc Rage/ turns*static Rage Reduc
    Stat Attk - Dec Stat/ turns*Stat transfer
    1000HP = 500Attk = 500Def
    Defence ~ HP Def/ Rage Def/ Stat Def

    Base Stats:
    Constitution: HP, Elemental Resistance.
    Strength: Melee and Unarmed Damage, Inventory space.
    Dexterity: Ranged Damage, Dodge rate, Hit Rate.
    Intelligence: Magical Damage, Mana Pool, Scroll slots/Spell Preparation Slots.
    Defence: Physical and Magical Defence, Armor.
    Speed: Times default attack per 15 seconds team timer.

    Minor Stats:
    Elemental Resistances, Block, Dodge, Critical, etc.

    Level Progression ~
    Permanent 10% increased Exp requirement/level
    Exp Enhancers= permanent 5% increase of current exp.

    Item Layout~ Base Stat + Sub stat + Set stat + Rune Modifier + Gem Modifier + X upgrade +
    skill modifier + appearance modifier + inheritance modifier + Name modifier.

    Eg. Weapon Item base stat ~ % chance of either HP Attk/Rage Attk/Stat Attk. Total chance<100.
    Attk/HP/Rage value not to exceed 3 times Item Level.
    Item Level ~ <(10 + Current Player level).
    Sub stat ~ +or- base stat modifier.
    Set stat ~ Total of 5 sub stats
    Set of full 10 items = all positive modifiers
    Incomplete 8 items= 4 positive, 1 negative modifiers
    Incomplete 6 items= 3 +, 2- modifiers
    Incomplete 4 items= 2 +, 3- modifiers
    Incomplete 2 items= 1 +, 4- modifiers
    1 item = 0 sub stats.
    Rune Modifier ~ 4 slots total.
    2 maximum possible activated modifiers with 2 pairs of runes.
    Gem Modifier ~ Adds Elemental suffixes, etc

    X upgrade - times upgraded with parts gathered via dismantled items.
    Skill modifier ~ Item level +5 or above provides a skill.
    % proc rate or increased values depending on item level.
    passive or active skill.
    Skill modifier is transferable to respective grade items
    Appearance Modifier ~ Same Dismantled items also used to create dye kits.
    Inheritance Modifier ~ 2 types of Inheritance: Blood and Plundered.
    Blood ~ item granted to succeeding character after death or retirement.
    Plundered ~ Death via PVP or PVE looted.

    Name Modifier ~ Personalized Item Name.

    Class System ~
    Initial fixed character classes. Branches to specializations and sub specializations via NPC Quest and interrelated Quests.

    Skills ~ skill + Randomizer= Rage/HP/Stat cancellation."XCancelsX"
    Hp Dam, %HP reduc for t, %HP dam per t, HP leeched, HP restored, %HP buff, team buff,
    Rage accum, Rage leeched, Rage dec,
    Stat inc, Stat dec. Stat inverted,
    Speed Inc, Dec, Speed stolen.
    Single Hit, AOE~not more than 3 grids affected
    Shield~, transfiguration~, polymorph~, teleport~
    Attk Skill/Def/Buff Skills have inherent resistance and weakness to either of 3 Rage/HP/Stat. Which can be toggled when not battling.
    50%Extra resistance, 0 inc or dec, 50% negative resistance. eg. Strong Shield skill toggled to have 50 more against HP but has 50
    less against rage. Results in earlier breakdown of shield.

    Battle system:
    Made up of Octagonal grids.
    25 grids on each side. Total 50 grids are not connected. They are separated.
    Melee or Ranged animations are used to show applied attack or defence. Eg. Player A and B brought to forefront/middle of screen to engage
    in combat. Then separate.
    3 max players for team pvp. each side. With each having a companion totalling 6 controllable characters on each side.
    Each turn involves a 15 seconds shared timer for each team wherein they move or use a Skill(with or without rage consum), or cast a spell
    or use a command for Attack(universal action), Defend(class specific action), Dodge(class specific action, increase in dodge rate),
    Wait(Universal action. Causes percentage speed up to next turn), Roll/teleport self/teleport team mate(Class Specific) to adjacent or
    far off grid.
    Players can move in 8 different directions from each octagonal grid.
    Mages/Wizards/Sorcerors can cast spells immediately but attacking spells require a casting effect of one turn. Example, a fireball
    can be cast immediately then he/she can move to another tile but the spell only causes effect after the opponent team's timer of 15
    seconds is over. The opponent team can not visually distinguish the shadow of an opponent caster's high tier spell area of effect but
    low tier spells can be seen.
    The same maybe applied for all AOE skills.
    Movement itself can be specialized with the Ranger having the highest movement (ex.3 grids), teleport self/other (no range restriction
    but requires extreme mana points) All classes and companions having one default movement range.
    Any and all action does not consume any action points. Instead each character's Class comes into play. Magic Casters generate Mana over
    time. Warriors, Rogues and Rangers generate Rage when dealing or taking damage. Mana or Rage pool can be altered by buffs, skills, etc.
    All single hit skills/spells take effect immediately in contrast to AOE.
    Speed determines how soon and how many times a character can Attack(Default Attack. Skills/Spells not included) within that 15 second
    timer. The 15 second timer serves as a control.
    Although individual timer for each team is 15 seconds, there is no overall battle timer. This is to rule out bias between two high HP/Def

    Formation system:
    Interconnected grids with markers each that join to form Heraldry. L.T.V.|.W.-.Z.A.N.X.M.K.Y.F. A total of 14 possible Heraldric designs
    with number of assigned nodes for each letter. eg. L = 3 nodes, so 3 grids must be occupied during battle to activate; M,W,K, = 5 nodes;
    Z,N,X,F,Y = 4 nodes; L,T,V = 3 nodes; | and - = 2 nodes.
    Each Heraldric design is superimposed over the battle grid as a colored overlay. Player sets a maximum of 3 heraldric designs over
    the battle grid when they are not in battle. Players or companions must stand on the preset colored nodes/design to activate them.
    Individual slot must be occupied to activate the Heraldric Bonus. Although, a player may choose to move to other grids for
    maneuverability resulting in the design becoming inactive. Heraldric designs can not overlap but can be rotated before battle.
    Hence, W and M or V and A are related designs. Each design can be upgraded in exchange for experience with activated specific triplet
    designs providing added benefit. Team battles require the team leader to presave the heraldic designs before battle.

    Mount system:
    Adventure map teleport, movement Speed variations, Extra inventory space, mount-mount affinity, mount-owner loyalty(affects all inherent
    modifiers, inc with regular usage, dec with no usage, item procable, character class specific skill procable)

    Pet system:
    Auto gather items(farm gather, loot), Character class specific affinity(eg. druid highest affinity, ranger high, knight medium, mage low)
    Provides non combat buffs(eg. inc fishing rate/gather, item X upgrade success rate, higher village morale, etc)
    Pet has non combat role only. Variable Pet contests~

    Village system:
    Parameters: Population, Morale, Wealth.
    Unlockable & upgradeable buildings.
    Hirelings/Adventurers/Workers/Gatherers with specific orientation to tasks and hired via population.
    Morale ~ mini games in tavern, occasional quest with randomized draw rewards.
    Wealth ~ Building/farm/fishing/Mining/Woodcutting gather. Resource trade.
    Each villager along with specific orientation, also has variable growth rate for tasks which affect them as they level up.
    Assignment to important village roles.
    As the village grows into a township and then a city, player earns Prestige, higher taxation, Title benefits, Unlockable Active/Passive
    skills, Gear Tribute, may take part in Kingdom Affairs.

    Kingdom Affairs:
    On reaching a City upgrade, player is able to either hire vassals or conquer them. Player may choose to either ask them for a daily tithe
    or a tribute. Vassals can only be formed by conquering or hiring players of the same Title. And they must both be online.
    A maximum of 5 Vassals may be active depending on the Liege's City level and Title.
    Tithe: 1/10th of their Village earnings automatically deducted from the vassal's hourly Village earnings for 24 hours.
    Tribute: 1 purple or above gear to be given as tribute once a day to the Liege.
    In exchange for the Tithe or Tribute, the Liege must allow the Vassal access to his/her home and armory where the Vassal can borrow
    gears for a limited number of hours by paying the tax requirement to the game.
    The Liege must also accompany the Vassal to 2 dungeons in exchange for a Tithe and 1 dungeon in exchange for a Tribute.
    Furthermore, the Liege must offer protection to the Vassal. If the Vassal's Village is plundered by another aggressor during the 24 hour
    period, the Liege is forced to plunder that player and all plundered village materials is automatically sent to the Vassal.
    If the Liege loses the battle, the Vassal becomes free and can not be made into anyone's Vassal for 24 hours.
    A Tribute or Tithe can only be agreed upon as a player to player trade interaction.
    If the weaker player refuses to neither Tithe or Tribute, a percentage of his/her experience points are taken away by the game.

    In addition to Vassals, a sufficiently high level player is able to compete for authoritative roles in the Kingdom which provide
    different bonuses.

    Farming system:
    Crops: Requires Manure(collected from animals) + Water(via Village Well). Seeds can be traded.
    Instant tilling of land, instant soil fertilization. Instant seeding. Instant watering.
    10/15/30/45/60 minutes ripening of crops depending on crop type.
    Crop output: Edibles, Gear crafting components used for X Upgrade, Materials for Village and Home upgrade, Fodder for Mounts and Pets.
    Crop stealing is possible but if owner has farm page open during stealing, battle ensues. Defender victory posts proclamation to world
    chat with a 12 hour no-farm stealing penalty to offender. Offender victory gives no added benefits other than resources stolen.
    Certain Companions might stand guard on farm or animals and do auto battle. Concurrently, Rogue/Ranger Class is more effective at
    stealing crop harvests or animal produce.

    Farm animals: Provides hourly output of edibles, slaughter for gear components, Materials for Village/Home upgrade. Animals can be traded.

    Fishing: 7x8 covered grid. Find identical fishes. or,
    fish catch loading timer auto. or,
    4 vertical lines with WASD random WASD dropping down each line. Click W or A or S or D at exact time the prompter hits lower bar.
    Fishing output : Edibles, Gear crafting component, Home trophy decor(minor exp bonus).
    Companions/Pets may be used to auto fish with lower output rate and quality if not done manually.

    Mining system:
    Coal, Rocks, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Gems
    Auto mining.
    Farm crops, animals, fishing, woodcutting and mining may be enhanced via buffs provided respectively from items or quests.
    Each mining component is found in specific Adventure Map Areas.
    Output: Used in Home, Village, gear component, Gem modifier.

    Woodcutting system:
    Different wood types. Pine, Cedar, Rosewood, Mahogany etc.
    Auto woodcutting.
    Found randomly in all adventure maps.
    Output: Used in Home, Village, Runes and X Upgrade.

    Home system:
    Player-player destination. Trophy hangings via monster loot, upgradeable room space which unlocks game features.
    Pet display(loanable), books display(some books improve stats or skills which can be borrowed by Vassals or friends for tax to game),
    armory(donatable/tradeable/can be borrowed purple and above gears for fixed percentage game currency tax to game),
    furniture with YouTube player to shareand view videos with friends; direct forum ingame display. Each furniture should have a
    prerequisite usage animation.
    Minor exp or village wealth bonuses for rare furnitures/decor installed.
    Adopted child NPC that grows physically over time, depending on multiple choice tutelage, providing either bonuses or penalties.

    Food system:
    Solid food : Vegetables and Fruits, Meat, Cereals
    Liquid food: Juice, Dairy products
    Hunger/Satiety gauge: 400 units total. 12 hr duration with 4 hour requisite for 100 units of food. 1 unit drop per 108 seconds.
    If gauge drops to zero, player unable to do quests, campaign, etc.
    Food crafting: Con food~ M+D+C
    Dex food~ VF+J+C
    Str food~ M+D+J
    Int food~ VF+J+D
    Each sub unit of solid and liquid foods assigned value which is added after crafting. Resulting crafted food provides 100 Satiety along
    with permanent stat bonus. eg. Con food~ Chicken(1 value regardless of quantity added) + Tea(1)+Rice(1)= 3 Con if eaten every 4 hours
    Food obtained via farming, trading, fishing.
    The 12 hour requisite offline time can negate hunger by renting a room in the inn/tavern. Timer starts once the player leaves the inn.
    Players can completely bypass hunger upto 7days/31days/3 months/6months by paying exorbitant inn prices. This is to assure players who
    plan to have a down time for 6 months. Other benefits might be given along with these purchases.

    Mobs system:
    Hit rate between same level mob and player:100% default without applied modifiers.
    Each level difference provides 10% inc/dec in hit rate.
    Single Player Sandboxed Campaign with Con Mob; Dex Mob; Str Mob; Int/heal Mob; Spd/Stun/ReflectDam Mob.
    All Base stats of Mob except the Name stat is equal to the player's stats.
    Applied modifiers that affect hit rate: dodge rate, block rate.
    Dodge rate: [Dodge(self)/Hit(enemy)*100]*0.5
    Block rate: Block(self)/Hit(enemy)*100.
    Damage blocked: Damage -[Block(self)+Amor(self)/Hit(enemy)+Attk(enemy)]*100
    eg.RedConMob:100%*Con of player ; RedStrMob: 100% Str of player.
    Boss Mob: 30% extra stats.
    Random roll by player generates Dungeon type for single player dungeon. Consumes random items for better rolls.
    eg. Con Dungeon = random Con loot; Dex Dungeon=random Dex loot; Str Dungeon=random Str loot; Int=Int loot;
    Spd/Stun/ReflectDam Dungeon = Purple and above gear.
    This results in Single player dungeons becoming exponentially harder as player level/stats increase.
    However, it is balanced via accompanying Companion.

    Multiplayer Dungeons:
    3 player dungeons.
    Variable Boss and Mobs.
    End Dungeon Rewards based on point ranking system: 3 categories. Most Damage Inflicted, Most Damage received, Most HP healed. Only one
    major reward based on maximum points: either inflicted, received or healed.
    Most damage received includes blocked damage and potential damage averted via dodge.

    Prelude game choices:
    Glutton, Merchant, Woodsman, Miner, Farmer, Angler, Village Counsillor, Recruiter, Pet Master, Stableman, Enchanter, Jeweller,
    Rune-crafter, Homebody, Priest, Pack mule, Philomath, etc.

    Gods and Goddesses:
    Major: Order, Chaos, Neutrality/Balance, Time.
    Minor: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, Death, Justice, Trickster, Trade, War.

    Default 10 beginner stat points

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    Name it something other that "Wartune". That's a stink that won't wash off.


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      they cant get this wartune version right so they defo mess up ur version of wartune part two hahaha

      so best go see another developer cuz when this game closes i wont touch anything made by 7 roads or r2 again


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        Well said Xharry, me neither, I second that 100%
        What doesn't kill you makes you stronger