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  • Discrimination

    Wartune is a game for players from many countries. I find it beautiful. By cons where there is a problem is when there are events like the one of today: the Quick Quiz. I am one of those many players who are not very good English speakers. We have to use translators often. So in the case of this game how to get out and hope to win something when it's based on questions and also on the response time? It's impossible and it's not fair at all on the part of designers and administrators who would do well to think before launching an event as important as Christmas

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    I speak English fluently, but this event reduced me to fluent Anglo-Saxon.

    What idiot thought it would be fun to label it " feedback" and then put a time limit on it that precludes reading the questions and answers?

    Move this man / woman to the cleaning department, where his/ her hurry would be of some use.

    Congratulation on the most tight-fisted Christmas ever from r2.


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      ///// double post


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        I agree, I don't know English very well either. Developers know that their game is played from different countries. WHY do such an event ????


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          I only speak English and have always been an avid reader, but this quiz is ridiculous! Trying to speed-read questions and retain what it is trying to ask (and not getting confused by the "(T or F)? Yes or No" answers is bad enough, but even someone who KNOWS the answers going into it would have a difficult time selecting the proper responses. This quiz is set to for all to fail, and another slap in the player's faces.
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            need to screen capture questions and post somewhere


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              Don't feel too bad, I'm not sure anyone can complete this quiz in the time allowed, no matter what language you speak, unless you want to do it multiple times and memorize the answers or something.


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                here here to all thats gone before