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no loot in cloud city to get required material for mount event

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    everything is a failure the lag etc the bug's all their fault they can't do anything right.. only chasing ppl away and pss them off


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      When users used the bug to get some items, the developers immediately closed the game and fixed the error for several hours. Were also holidays.
      And now they show that they do not care about the players, only profit


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        Originally posted by Pat2020 View Post
        Memory could you just clarify with R2 how long this rotation will be or are gift piles a thing of the past although they are still selling holiday blessing potions. WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE
        Confirmed no gift piles this week. Trying to get an exact date of return, waiting on the devs.
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          tell them to go ... them self and close the game... cus they can't fix it and let them give us our money back from last few years cus they started to demolish the game then...


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            They have been hinting on campaign blitzing for event items, but no one seems to bother with it.
            Seriously? Not even an event shard in cloud city any more?
            R.I.P. good old events. Those latest events are nothing but a bleak.


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              also tell them to revert back to the old team...I am 100% sure they replaced the good old team with some less good people....who doesnt know how to make satishfied customers