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    MemoryLane, I appreciate your sentiment. However, sometimes it's the simple things when it comes to communications can make all of the difference in the world. For example, R2 and the developers could have provided notification regarding the change in event cycles like the reason why there has not been any holy sword or cast stone events in many weeks now instead of just making the change and leaving players what the heck is going on. By making those type of changes and putting out zero communications, makes us think they don't care about what players think at all and are only concerned about their bottom financial line. Many players are leaving the game now because of that perception and certainly, the Christmas or New Years events (if you can call that garbage that, lends to that perception.


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      Representative from R2 can suggest to the developer to bring back the following events:
      1) Polish Orb
      2) Cast Stone
      3) Pennant Engrave Stone
      4) Discount coupon balens return hot events
      5) Add or Increase recharge balens rewards

      In addition:
      6) Increase Polish Orbs drop rate in lucky exchange
      7) Increase Pennant Ascension Stone drop rate in lucky exchange
      8) Come up a special event for Smelt Stone & Book of Wisdom in lucky exchange. Since need 5K per level (smelt stone) and 7K to max L7 (book of wisdom)
      9) Add Terra Grass in lucky exchange

      Hoping the developer will no just listen but give way to non-casher players to level up.


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        is it worth doin the events when luck exchange gives rubbish at low rates