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How Do You Gain Your Equipment In The New Update

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  • How Do You Gain Your Equipment In The New Update

    Ok so I noticed a problem that's been bugging me a lot lately and I literally came off the game because I cant find where to obtain equipment. Back then it was a lot easier but theres nothing in crypt shop my first option was mpd dungeons since it was what I considered the only option left otherwise I'd have to use my brain because as I was leveling up I did not receive level 20 gears from the level up event and I figured that was odd and moved on and then eventually hit level 30 thinking maybe I'll finally get some gears but nope nothing so just how are any newbie players going to be able to gain equipment and could u please put this up as a guide? because I think it would be very very helpful because some of us returning players may get completely thrown off by this but if you have knowledge on how to gain equipments please do share it and no I will not recharge in order to obtain equipment otherwise I feel it would be pointless to play the game as a non-casher. T.T

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    They streamlined the equipment synthesizing process by removing lower level gears. Currently "Novice Equipment" (old lvl 70 equipment) is lowest and can be used starting from lvl 10.

    You need lvl 6 crystaloids to synthesize "Novice Equipment" at blacksmith. Those Crystaloids drop in Nether Forest and Claristun MPDs or they can be bought from guild shop. Then you just keep upgrading those pieces with required materials (legendary stones etc.). All materials drop from MPDs or can be bought from guild shop with contribution.
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      Thks I didn't notice this until I checked synthesize